Chef Paul Seaman


Hi, I’m longtime advocate of healthy, holistic, natural foods. I graduated in 1988 from the California Culinary Academy in my hometown, San Francisco. My experiences with vibrational foods, ‘farm to table’, and organic initiatives continue to shape my culinary journey, catering, teaching, and lifestyle.

I began with vibrational cuisine at “The Inn of the Seventh Ray” in Topanga, CA, and the Farm-to-Table movement in the ’80’s with pioneers such as Jessie Cool, Brad Ogden and Jerimiah Tower. Then I took the initiatives (and my family) to Sioux City, Iowa to raise my family. I helped start the Farmer’s Market and the Culinary Program at Western Iowa Technical College in Sioux City.


In the 1990’s, my family and I ran a Retreat Facility in the scenic Loess Hills – specializing in Culinary Training for at-risk youth and for groups combating addiction. For the last twenty years, with a SproutStream Food Trailer (Converted AirStream), I brought organic, sustainable, local and provincial foods to the Midwest. I’m part of collaborative efforts with restaurants, the local Farmer’s Market, and the city’s Art Center. I was fortunate to do weekly and monthly culinary radio programs for over six years that taught elementary and adult learners, engaged with at-risk youth, and consulted with restaurants.

I was certified as an Executive Chef through the American Culinary Federation in 1992. I was Executive Chef for Briar Cliff University, for Centerplate locally and in New York, and for an assisted living complex, – and am now the Culinary Director and Executive Chef for PJBJ, LLC. I obtained my Bachelors of Continuing Adult Education from Bellevue University in Bellevue, Nebraska, and my Ayurvedic Consultant’s certification from Bohananda Vedic Institute in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Currently I reside in Missouri with my wife, Beverly, where through PJBJ, LLC, we are growing our own vegetables, raising grass-fed beef on Bev’s family farm, providing catering services, and teaching. Currently we’re developing our weekly meal delivery / pick-up service. We work together to provide Ayruvedic consultations – to assist people looking to heal themselves and their communities through proper nutrition and lifestyle. I provide individualized food consultations and recipe development based on clients constitutions.