Bhakti's Bernedoodles

We did not set out to be breeders of dogs. We just wanted a good Bernedoodle for the family. But it seemed to us that it was a jungle out there. People breeding Bernedoodles with Bernedoodles. People just breeding to get the color mixes the most in demand. People breeding to get smaller and smaller versions of the Bernedoodle. No AKC to monitor or certify because this breed is not a purebred. SO, we decided to breed our own. We got a beautiful AKC purebred Standard Poodle from champion stock and found an established Bernese Mountain Dog breeder in Southern Missouri. Both are registered purebreds with the AKC. Bhakti Joy’s first litter. Check them out!

Puppies available now!

The Parents

Award Winning, AKC Pure Bread Stock. Ziggy the Poodle (male) and Bhakti the Bernese Mountain Dog (female) are launching their first batch this summer!

3 puppies from the last litter we given the beautiful name “Bella”

Bhakti is having Puppies Again !!!  Expecting between the first and second week of April. Please email if you are interested.

“We just love Murphy!!!  He is so smart and sweet!  Thank you for this handsome boy!” 

“I am so grateful to have found my beloved Bella from breeder Paul. From the moment I brought Bella home, She has brought love, laughter, and joy to my life. Her playful and affectionate nature make her the perfect companion, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to bring her into our life.”

“Geo is sweet, smart, fast learner and loving. He has brought so much joy and love into our family that is hard to explain. We love him so much and we’re thinking of having a buddy to play with. 

He loves his toys and love to play tug of war to both of us but he did owned a special teddy bear since at first month of his stay we bought him and was tore up. Pretty much on his stay with us he is not a destroyer to furniture’s or any inside our house as long as he has his toys to play with. 

He loves to sleep with us just for a short time and sleep the rest of the night into his favorite place into his bed or into the dining room. We can’t imagine ourselves without Geo with us, his love is immeasurable !”

Written by daughter of  Arya’s Guardian.

“Arya is the best dog you could ever have. She is friendly, smart, and caring. She has been so fantastic with her training and there are so many things she has learned to do. She knows how to shake, settle, sit, walk on a leash , and she even knows how to close the door behind her. And she is the most caring dog ever. If you so much as sneeze, she will look over and then run to you and lick your face. She doesn’t bark unnecessarily and she’s not destructive, except with socks, slippers and underwear! So as you can see Arya is the best dog ever and there’s nothing to prove otherwise.”

“Our family absolutely loves our Bella pup!  She is the most devoted, lovable, and friendly dog we have ever owned!”

“Bella is the gentlest dog I have ever owned! She plays well with my older little dog! Everyone remarks at how she loves to be around people!”

Making Puppies is Hard Work !

Meet Rip! He is very lovable and cuddly little puppy. Loves taking rides in whatever vehicle you have 


We absolutely adore Murphie, he’s been such a great addition to our family. He loves hanging out on the farm and running around with the kids. He sometimes forgets how big he is and thinks he can fit right on your lap!