Steak Salad                                                            4 servings

To be honest, I think I invented it.

Equipment needed:

Large bowl. Grill. Tongs. Cruet for dressing. Salad Spinner. Squirt Bottle for dispensing dressing.


You need a better cut of meat for this to work. NY Strip, Flank Steak, Skirt Steak, or Sirloin will all work well. Also, steaks cut from the Tri-Tip Roast can work nicely. Most other cuts result in too much fat or gristle, or the meat being too tough.  You can also use Tenderloin, if you want to dazzle.  The only issue with tenderloin is it does not have as must flavor or some of the other cuts. Chill the 4 full-sized dinner plates for the salad.


  • 16-18  Oz Beef Steak
  • S/P and Garlic powder to taste

Grill the steaks to an internal temperature of 120-125 degrees. Any more than that, and your meat will be tough. If a customer is squeamish, remind them you could be serving steak tartar. Reserve steak off to the side.

  • 12        Oz. Mixed Greens (I would recommend Romaine, Green & Red Leaf,

             Arugula, and perhaps some baby spinach or kale)

  • 1          Cup Flat Parsley leaves (whole)
  • 2          Whole Yellow, Red or Orange Bell Peppers cut into ¼” julienne (strips)
  • ½:         Whole Jicama, sliced into ¼” julienne (strips)

It is important to spin the lettuce well and make sure it is completely dry, or your measurements (portion) will be off.  Mix the greens and the vegetables together in a big bowl, cover and chill.

  • 1/3:      Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1:         T Filtered Water
  • 1:         T Raw Honey
  • 1:         T Lemon Juice (-VPK)
  • 1:         t Dijon Mustard
  • 1:         t Oregano (fresh, minced)
  • 1:         t Basil (fresh, minced) (-VK+P)
  • 1/2:      t Thyme (fresh, minced) (-VK+P)
  • To Taste: s/p

Mix together. Combine completely,

  • 1          Cup Safflower Oil (=VPK)

Add Oil. Mix well. Pour into squirt bottle.

Assembling the Salad:

Cut the steak(s) into ¼” strips going across the grain. Reserve. Toss the Salad one more time, and place on chilled plates. Make sure the vegetables are featured prominently.  Then fan the steak in a beautiful concentric circle beginning at the center where the lettuce is at its peak. You can be creative as to exactly how to fan this out. Once your guests are ready to eat, squirt some to the dressing into and around the greens (not too much!). Serve immediately. Bread is not exactly the Breakfast of Champions in the Ayurvedic World, but a nice slice of fresh Sourdough on the side would be splendid.

Ayurvedic notes:

In many ways this is not the best Ayurvedic meal, but it is important to remember that greens genuinely assist in the assimilation of something as heavy as steak. The vinegar in the dressing lightly “cooks” the greens, which makes them even more digestible.