It is the second day of the journey. The sun is magnificent in the mid-day morning. Yesterday I rode the Camel. Today I ride behind it in the cart. The view from the camel’s saddle is nicer, but my butt is sore.

The food is simple but nutritious and healthful. It really feels good to be eating it. Lots of cumin and turmeric to help with circulation and reduction of joint pain.

People from all parts of the planet coming together to experience something in India. Granted, many were here to spend time with the famous author, Elisabeth Gilbert, but others were here just to experience the event. Meals are communal, and there is time afterwards to commune by the fire, with bajans, or mantras, or simply talk. I would be lying if I said I am completely at ease, but I am enjoying the company, the views, and the opportunity to do something different.

India is of course a spiritual place, as each car, camel, household and person is adorned with beautiful trappings such as scarves, icons and ribbons or beads. Ladies are dressed up in all the colors of the rainbow even when working the fields.

The trip to India was eventful, a little too eventful as we had a 12 hour overnight holdover at the Delhi Airport which was less than thrilling, but we were fortunate to have an Air India Chair to sleep on. We were also fortunate enough to have a day at the Ashram to rechange before our Camel Journey.

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